Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Service

Since the pharmaceutical products directly affect people’s health, so we put our best efforts for ensuring the best safety and quality of all types medicines and medical equipments at each level of the pharma supply chain we manage in Himachal, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir.

New challenges in pharma supply chain management

Pharma marketplace is evolving quickly, versatile range of products which have shorter product lifecycles and complex storage condition requirements, have setup new challenges and complexities for pharma supply chain management.

Multiple types of challenging conditions and government policies are pushing the pharma and healthcare industry into new directions, demanding the need for a efficient supply chain model.

At shivam medicates we keep updating our teams, equipments and technology to deal with dynamically changing and challenging conditions, to keep us more productive and ahead of others.

Efficient Pharmacy supply chain model

Efficient physical pharma supply and stock management

We do damage proof effective packing of pharmacy products, timely dispatch, flawless transportation, and well controlled storage of all types of medicines and medical equipments.

We ensure to maintain the stock of ideal products, to manage frequent changes in the demand and according to the changing climatic conditions.

Timely and productive information sharing

We efficiently setup our long-term and short-term plans as per the requirements of pharma partner companies.

We put our best effort to timely share monthly schedules, pharmacy quotations, purchase order, pharma marketing manager appointment requirements, marketing effort performance reports, medicine quality complaints and other related information.

Pharma distribution clients

Our Pharma distribution clients includes all types of potential stakeholders dealing in pharmacy.

Below are the main types of pharma clients we deal with.
Private hospitals
Government hospitals
Small Pharmacy stores
Medical stores
health care centers
Individual practicing doctors

Pharmaceutical order packaging service

Pharmaceutical packaging is an essential part done by a pharma stockist. The packaging process consists of the packaging of life-saving medicines, equipment, and devices related to the medical industry to prevent it from damage and protect it from any contamination. Transporting is more important than the production of the products. Pharmaceutical transportation requires extra care and precautions to ensure products to safe reach end customers and clients. The pharmaceutical packaging service is vital to the swift delivery of your shipment. All the products are packaged following the international shipping standard.


So we follow instruction while packaging:-

We use a brand new box to package and if contents are a bit more fragile, we use heavy-duty, double-layered boxes and use internal packaging such as bubble wrap to secure items. And use strong parcel tape on all edges of parcel. We clearly write the collection and delivery address and delivery booking reference number onto package with the marker pen.


We also attach Pro-forma invoices in an envelope on the outside of the parcel if required. It helps customers so that they don’t need to open up the parcel.


We provide full protection while maintaining a minimum weight. We consider strength, cushioning, and durability while pharmaceutical packaging services in three Indian states – Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and J&K.

Medical supply quality assurance

Quality Assurance makes sure we are doing the right things in the right way. We perform required set of activities to maintain quality of the medical supply and the processes by which products are managed.

Pharmaceutical products Transportation Services

We have professional teams with best transportation vehicles and other facilities for quick medical supplies even in remote interior locations and during extreme climate conditions in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. We mostly use our own vehicles for Pharmaceutical products transportation, we keep our vehicles well maintained throughout the year, so that we can timely supply the orders.


We are well experienced to transport sensitive pharma goods like glass bottle items, injections and other related things. We take full responsibility and care to keep items safe from access temperature and rain water. We use to pack medicines and other items with full care in well isolated and shock-proof packages, to avoid any damage over the journey.