Pharmaceutical Warehouse Services

Pharmaceutical warehouses plays a vital role in the medical supply chain. We have established multiple pharma warehouses in multiple locations in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu.

Ideal pharmacy warehouse features

A pharmaceutical warehouse is much more than storing medicines and medical equipments before shipment process, different Medicines can have vastly different storage requirements in terms of temperature, humidity and sensitive handling care.


To ensure that the storage of each medicine is done in compliance with the specific storage requirements defined by the medicine manufacturer, we have taken best possible safety Measures in Medicine Warehouse Management


For moisture control, we have used moisture control materials and solutions while construction of the buildings to protect the products from damage.


Our medical warehouses are specially designed to provide temperature and moisture controlled ideal storage conditions to store all types of medicines, medical products and sensitive pharmacy products in there required ideal storage conditions and transportation care requirements.


Medicine storage godowns and showrooms have appropriate flooring, medicine storage-box design, handling procedures and constant monitoring of medicine boxes to avoid any accidental loss to ideal storage conditions requirements of the medical drugs.


Our warehouse management staff has been well trained on product knowledge, handling and storage specifications.

Good connectivity, security and location of pharmacy warehouse

While building our medicine storage warehouses, we have chosen strategic locations from consumption and distribution point of view. Further, we also identified that proper approach roads, parking bays, and other factors are aligned to the to provide best connectivity solution.


We have equipped our warehouses with modern technology such supervision cameras and data loggers and others related tools to trigger important notifications to key people to track, ensure, trace, monitor and measure the activities being performed.